Friday, 29 May 2009

Inspiration ...

... I've been using Google Reader for a while now and love it as I can save my favourite blog posts all together. This is great when I get new stash as I can browse through for inspiration. So I had this sketch saved, after finding Pamela's blog through a Unity Stamp's Blog Hop. Her blog is packed full with inspiration.
I've got my mitts on the UK's July Issue of Scrapbook Trends. I've been coverting this mag from the US, but it's just too expensive to get it sent over. So even though I jumped at the chance to get an online subscription, I still wanted to have a paper copy and thought I'd give it a go. It's not as up to date as the US copies, but still great to have something to flick through away from the computer.

This LO is inspired by Linda Harrison

And this one byShawna Webster
All with Scarlet Line's May kit.

I have another idea percolating, so hopefully the DDs will let me have some time later!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Rain, rain go away ...

... it has been raining for days and days now (okay a bit of an exaggeration, but it feels like it!) Haven't been feeling too well either, so I missed my crop on Sunday. Haven't felt like I've created for ages, so have managed this today. I wanted to get another LO out of Scarlet Lime's April kit before May turns up (which should be any day now).

It's about DD1's school cheerleading team. They won 1st place in the Central County's Championships and are going onto the final. Sooo cute with pink ribbons in their hair! The pom poms were made by their teacher out of black and white bin bags! Thankfully the school has now bought them some pink and silver proper ones!!

Friday, 15 May 2009

AWOL with a minibook ...

... haven't managed tokeep up with the Eye For Design challenges this week as I needed to get this minibook finished for my neice's 10th Birthday (which has already passed!!)
I used a Bo Bunny album and added the letters cut from my Cricut. Bo Bunny papers in teal and brown to match my neice's bedroom!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Challenge 3 ...

... so a productive week. I've completed all 3 challenges on Eye For Design to use magazine articles for inspiration. Not sure if this will continue next week, or whether the challenges will have a different basis. Here's the article I chose (will have to buy some more non-crafty mags!):
I've focused on the colours of the stools, with a golden beige backdrop. The colours aren't showing up to well in the photo of my LO, but you get the gist.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Challenge 2 ...

... another magazine inspired LO. The colour combos are far more subtle in this one - I've focused on the sand colour of the bird's wing, the turquoise on the bag, and then the red and darker blue as accents. Sorry for the dark pictures, the light's not very good here this afternoon.Pulling this LO together was made easy for me, as most of it comes from Scarlet Lime's April kit. I've also used the latest challenge on Got Sketch.

The LO is about DD1 making her Rainbow's Promise.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Eye for design - color creative ...

... this class started yesterday. It's being taught by Christy Tomlinson from Scarlet Lime. Ever since I've been getting these kits, I've admired Christy's ability to put paper from different manufacturers together, so I thought it would be great to get some inside tips.

The first class/challenge was to take inspiration from magazines, pick out the colour palette and then use it for a LO.

Here's the article I chose -
And my resulting LO. I've used a grey, black, yellow and white palette.

I've also used the latest Butterfly Crafts challenge 11, which was to use a Disney Character as inspiration - mine being Sleeping Beauty and a 'True Love's Kiss'.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Toot toot to me ...

... please excuse me some self-promotion, but I've been published for the first time in Scrapbook Inspirations and I'm dead chuffed!! The theme was babies ad I used December's Scartlet Lime kit - here it is in print!