Monday, 25 February 2008

D is for Dressing Up and Daddy's Girl

My latest LOs for the A-Z Journals. Have kept them quite simple this week.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Another UKS Challenge

This weeks challenge on UKS is

Song title from sound track of Saturday Night Fever or Grease as LO title - 10pts
Two photos - 10pts
Something shiney - 5pts
To use white on LO - 5pts

I wanted to do a LO about my poor gorgeous cat Fitz-Henry aka Fitz. We noticed a couple of weeks ago that one of his front legs had gone limp. The vet said that he had lost all his nerves and muscles in that leg (accident unknown) and the long term prognosis was amputation. He's been given steroids and I feel like they have made a difference and he's now putting weight back on his foot, so we'll have to wait and see.

Journaling reads: I don't know how you've done it, but you've hurt your leg and have a bad limp. The vet isn't hopeful, but every day I am nursing you to get better.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Some more LOs ....

A few more LOs using my Scarlet Lime kit, I'm having such fun with it.
This is the mini kit again - I love the colours in it and it was such unbelievable value.
This is a scraplift of Courtney Walsh from the gallery. An apt LO as it's our wedding aniversary at the weekend.
This is also a scraplift of Maggie Holmes from the gallery. My stamping went wrong so I had to rearrange the layers in order to redo it.
This is what the stamp looks like in full:

Monday, 18 February 2008

Scarlet Lime LOs

Well, I got very excited on Friday as the US kit I've started subscribing to arrived from Scarlet Lime. It is chocker full of gorgeous papers and embellishments, all lovely and co-ordinated. I found I was spending so much time looking around for products that getting a kit would help me just get on and scrap! As it was my first time I indulged and got the main, guest artist and mini kit. These are my first two LOs from it:
Mini Kit:
Guest Artist Kit:

You can find the supplies list here.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

# 19 - Create

Here's my latest LO for the One Little Word challenge. The word was CREATE and I immediately thought of 'create life' - so this is of my two little babies!

I've used Scenic Route Laurel papers, tags from Every Jot & Tittle (Etsy shop) and the Love stamp is from my new Scarlet Lime Kit.
I'm a little behind on this challenge as the next word is already out, so watch for the next LO!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

UKS Weekly Challenge

I often do the weekly challenge over on UKS and this week I was able to use the journaling practice I did at the beginning of the Write It Down Class.

The challenge was to:
Theme love/hate 10 points (if you only use one then claim yourself 5 points)
Include the colour red or pink 5 points
Use a heart on your layout 5 points
As cupid uses a bow and arrow- the use of an arrow or arrows will get you 5 points
Use a romantic quote or a love song title on your layout 5 points

The journaling reads: I love the feel of warm grass on my bare feet, the sound of the sea's ebb & flow and a clear blue sky. I love that first cup of tea, a perfectly chilled glass of wine and a delicious cooked breakfast. I love a long warm bubble bath, the crisp feel of new bedding and an uninterrupted lie-in ... but I HATE having a disturbed nights sleep.

Monday, 11 February 2008

One Lucky Girl

I'm going away with some of my friends in March for a weekend away from children and domesicity - bliss! We've all got to arrange one activity, so of course I wanted to do something crafty. When I saw this minibook on Shimelle's website I thought it would be perfect paired with some Chatterbox minikits that I found in the sale. So here's mine that I've done as a sample so the girls know what to do.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Being Grateful and Creative Every Day

Last week I came across this Grateful Journal by Emily Falconbridge, and thought I'd like to give it a go. There's a card, tag, sheet of notepaper or envelope for each week and the idea is that you write down something you have been grateful for each day.

It's been great for using up old cards, tags and scraps.

I found this blog back in Janurary - Creative Every Day and felt it was something I could aspire to. Now that I'm settling into my creative stream(!) with my various projects, I feel it's safe to say that I am now being creative every day and really enjoying myself. It must be some sort of therapy!

C is for ...

Here's my 'C' LOs for the girls A-Z albums.

For Mia, it had to be Chocolate

And for Lily Cats!

Sunday, 3 February 2008

A LO and some journaling

So here's my LO from the journaling on did on 1st feb. It forms part of my Album in a Day class, so the papers and format are all similiar.

Here's my journaling from day 2 - 'You always say...But I really think you....'

This is about Mia:
You always say "last time." But really I think you mean "I'll change my clothes 4 or 5 more times today until I find something I'm happy with."

For the last 6 months you have become very particular about your clothes. Coming out of the summer you carried on wearing your strappy vests. Even when it started getting colder you still wore them albeit with a cardigan. You certainly won't wear a long or short sleeved top - it has to be a vest. So throughout the day you keep changing your clothes - you come to me and say "Last time", but we both know it won't be the last time!

Saturday, 2 February 2008

29 Days, 29 Ways

I've started an online Journaling Class with Shimelle Laine that runs everyday throughout February, and the first prompt was up today. The exercise starts 'Let me tell you about ... (pronoun)' and the sentences are then balanced with a 'but'. So my journaling is about DH and reads:

Let me tell you about this man ..

This man is the love of my life but he is also my best friend
This man works hard but he loves playing with the girls
This man has a wardrobe full of clothes but he always pulls out the same t-shirt
This man loves cooking but some of his creations are a bit strange
This man is from Yorkshire but don't hold that against him!

I have the perfect photo and LO in mind for this, it's a page that I've yet to do from my Album in a Day course.

I've bought a lovely Paperchase notebook for this class to write my notes in and keep the prompts.