Tuesday, 12 February 2008

UKS Weekly Challenge

I often do the weekly challenge over on UKS and this week I was able to use the journaling practice I did at the beginning of the Write It Down Class.

The challenge was to:
Theme love/hate 10 points (if you only use one then claim yourself 5 points)
Include the colour red or pink 5 points
Use a heart on your layout 5 points
As cupid uses a bow and arrow- the use of an arrow or arrows will get you 5 points
Use a romantic quote or a love song title on your layout 5 points

The journaling reads: I love the feel of warm grass on my bare feet, the sound of the sea's ebb & flow and a clear blue sky. I love that first cup of tea, a perfectly chilled glass of wine and a delicious cooked breakfast. I love a long warm bubble bath, the crisp feel of new bedding and an uninterrupted lie-in ... but I HATE having a disturbed nights sleep.

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