Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Overlooked Subject 2 - Collections

So this weeks subject is to take a photo of something I collect, whether purposefully or accidentially. I decided on my handbags, which is an accumulation, rather than a purposeful collection. Some were bought, some freebies from magazines and some handmade.

Just have to wait for the journaling prompt next week now.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

#18 - Still

This is my 1st LO for the One Little Word challenge - Still. I have decided to start with the current word, and then backfill when I get a chance.

This is actually a scraplift from the blog by Jessi Lute, but I felt her interpretation of the word fitted my mood completely. I'm not entirely happy with the LO, but I think that's partly due to my handwriting not being as nice as I'd like (but it is mine!) and also my suitable of alphas. I like the word definition though, and I'm going to use that a theme throughout this challenge.

It is straight in RL! I've used Scenic Route Laurel pp & stickers. I decided not to use the Paperchase journal in the end as I want to do 12x12 LOs, but have ordered a new album for all my work.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

One Little Word

I've been bumbling around the net tonight looking at some blogs that I've bookmarked and never really read, including Ali Edwards. In the process I noticed some words people had been using to describe their creative manifesto and decided that I would do the same in order to give my scrapbooking some clarity. You can read these on the sidebar.

Following on from that I came across the One Little Word challenge. It's been going since last year over the pond, but I've decided I want to play. Can't decide if I'll start from the beginning, or join in where they are now (at word #18), I shall ponder over the weekend. I knew there was a reason I bought that Paperchase journal during the week.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Overlooked Challenge 1

So, back at the beginning of Jan I signed up for this challenge. Subject 1 was to take a photo of your favourite mug. Then last week I was given some journaling prompts. Then this week I had to create a LO that pulled the photo and journaling together. Here it is!

I split all the journaling up (written from the prompts given) into different sections and have used MM Funky Vintage Ruby paper and enbellishments. The page is a 7x10, half photo, half cardstock which I'm going to make into a book.

The journaling reads: Routine - I have to have a cup of tea 1st thing when I get up. I'm not really capable of anything before that. Then I'm ready to get on with the morning routine - making lunches, breakfast, getting the girls ready for school.

B is for ..

Blue Eyes (Lily) and Brown Eyes (Mia). Here's the second lot of pages for the girls Journals.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Day 25 - 31 Xmas Journal

Reading some of the posts on UK Scrappers made me realise that I should stop procrastinating and get on with some more pages in my Xmas Journal. So with the help of some prepared pages and my jouraling notes I've managed to do 6 LOs today!

Day 25 - Xmas Day

Day 26 - Boxing Day

Day 27 - Sleeping In

Day 28 - Xmas Weaknesses

Day 30 - A Year in Review

Inside (Idea from Kimmy2a on flickr)


Day 31 - New Year's Eve

There's no Day 29, as that is to do a title page for the journal.

Monday, 14 January 2008

A - Z Journal Covers

Have finished the albums for the girls' journals. Decided to make them myself and have used an 8x8 photo of each of them. I'm really pleased how they've turned out.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Another New Challenge

Have just come across another new challenge on UKS and have decided to play. It's another prompt based challenge, week 1 take a photo, week 2 do some journaling, week 3 make a LO. So should be quite slow paced! Have a look at the Overlooked blog for more info.

This weeks challenge was to take a picture of your favourite tea cup. Well that was easy as I had already done that for the Album in a Day workshop.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Day 24 - Just One More Day To Go

This page was started on time, but I have written up the journaling today. It was to capture the feelings of Christmas Eve and the anticpation of the following day.

Day 23 - Stockings

Well back to the Xmas Journal. This page I did actually complete on time, but have only just got round to uploading it. There is hidden journaling behind the photo, which reads:

Socking aren't a steadfast tradition in our family. I can sort of remember having pillowcases as a child, but not a traditional stocking. I thought the girls would like to have stockings and a couple of years ago we bought some from Habitat. Last year when I went to get them out of the loft they'd completely disappeared. A few weeks ago, when I went in the loft to look for something else, there they were, right on top of a box by the hatch - very strange! So this year we will be able to hang them up again ad I'm sure the girls will get some nice gifts. We haven' hung them up yet, we'll do it when we get to Dad's. I love to have a stocking myself, maybe next year Santa will bring me one!

A is for ...

I've started the A to Z Journals for the girls. I decided on 8x8 LOs instead of a bound journal, but ulike the Xmas Journal I'm going to put them into page protectors and then make covers for the album. I'm goin to stick to Cosmo Cricket paper pretty much the whole way through to give some cohesiveness to the albums.

Lily - A is for Artistic

Mia - A is for Affectionate

I got the inspiration for these LOs from Scrappy Rak on UK Scrappers - thank you!

Saturday, 5 January 2008

A to Z Creative Journal

Well I must be mad! I'm so behind on my Xmas Journal but today I am starting an A to Z Creative Journal, being run on the It's A Creative World Blog. There's 1 prompt every 2 weeks, so the process will take the whole of 2008.

I'm going to do one journal for each of the girls, Lily & Mia, all about them, their characteristics, likes, dislikes etc. Have decided to do spiral bound journals like Jo's on the blog. Can't wait to get started.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

2008 - Happy New Year

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and welcome to 2008. I am so behind with my journal. I so desperately wanted to keep up and set off for the holidays to Torquay with every intention of doing so. But whilst I was there it just didn't seem feasible. I had no me time, and no real space to do it in, so it just got left. I made some journaling notes some days, and read the rest of the prompts and made some more notes on the journey home today. I do plan to finish it, will just need to play catch up at the weekend.

I'm also starting an A-Z journal for each of the girls. This is being run via UKS and I'll get a prompt every 2 weeks, so won't be as rushed as doing the Xmas Journal - watch this space.

I'll hopefully be able to start uploading my pages over the next few days.