Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Day 23 - Stockings

Well back to the Xmas Journal. This page I did actually complete on time, but have only just got round to uploading it. There is hidden journaling behind the photo, which reads:

Socking aren't a steadfast tradition in our family. I can sort of remember having pillowcases as a child, but not a traditional stocking. I thought the girls would like to have stockings and a couple of years ago we bought some from Habitat. Last year when I went to get them out of the loft they'd completely disappeared. A few weeks ago, when I went in the loft to look for something else, there they were, right on top of a box by the hatch - very strange! So this year we will be able to hang them up again ad I'm sure the girls will get some nice gifts. We haven' hung them up yet, we'll do it when we get to Dad's. I love to have a stocking myself, maybe next year Santa will bring me one!

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