Wednesday, 2 January 2008

2008 - Happy New Year

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and welcome to 2008. I am so behind with my journal. I so desperately wanted to keep up and set off for the holidays to Torquay with every intention of doing so. But whilst I was there it just didn't seem feasible. I had no me time, and no real space to do it in, so it just got left. I made some journaling notes some days, and read the rest of the prompts and made some more notes on the journey home today. I do plan to finish it, will just need to play catch up at the weekend.

I'm also starting an A-Z journal for each of the girls. This is being run via UKS and I'll get a prompt every 2 weeks, so won't be as rushed as doing the Xmas Journal - watch this space.

I'll hopefully be able to start uploading my pages over the next few days.

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