Sunday, 12 September 2010

Introducing ....

... Modbury! My latest distraction from crafting!!

He's a 9 week old English Springer Spaniel and just adorable!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

12pm Cosmo Cricket Card Challenge..

... make a card using Cosmo Cricket products - simples!

10am challenge Pencil Lines ...

... I'm back!

So this challenge was to use this sketch.

I've used the lefthand side as inspiration, again using SL Frugal kit.

You can win a copy of the Pencil Lines sketch book by heading over to Anna Bowkis' blog to celebrate their 200th sketch.

The Studio Pre-Crop Challenge ...

... so the fun has begun, starting with a challenge set last night that I've managed to do this morning.

Create a layout with a framed title.
Using Scarlet Lime August Frugal kit.

And answer these questions:

- what's your name and where do you hail from?

I'm Fay! I was born and bred in Torquay, went to University in Bristol and now live in Leamington Spa.

- what's your favourite scrappy manufacturer?

I normally get my supplies from a US kit and so use a range of manufacturers, but I always like the papers from Cosmo Cricket. Recently I'm liking Lily Bee and Echo Park.

- what product do you find yourself using most?

Anything to do with butterflies!

- do you prefer to make your embellishments or buy readymade?

Again because of getting a kit I tend to use more ready made embellishments but I love making my own flowers

- have you even taken part in a cybercrop before?

Yes! Lots! The last one from The Studio, a couple of Shimelle's, Cocoa Daisy and various on UK Scrappers. I love the challenges and the whole team environment of them.

I'm just putting the finished touches to the next challenge and then have to help DH clear the garage - we're finally getting round to clearing out some junk!! I'll be back.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Circles and a sketch ...

... managed a couple of LOs today, but was distracted from doing more as I did some sewing (I have a big project in mind, more on that soon.)

Firstly the 4pm challenge from yesterday to use circles. I've used this design a couple of times before and thought it would suit circles, so I've used it again (think it was a Sketchy Thursday sketch).
The next was today's sketch.
The photo challenge last night was to take a photo of night light. So I've taken a picture of some candles reflected in the window.

I did also take a photo for the Nature challenge today, which was of a robin that often visits our garden. I took the picture with my long zoom but when I cropped the picture down it showed the garden was in focus but not the robin!! Hopefully he'll return tomorrow.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Summer crop...

... I hadn't realised that this was going to start at 10am this morning, so it was a bit of a bonus as I found myself with some time this afteroon whilst the girls watched Hairspray (has it been pouring with rain where you are??!!)

The challenges are alternating on the hour with a scrapbook challenge and a photography challenge and I've managed a couple of both.

So the first challenge (10am) was to scrap with red, white and aqua.

The first photography challenge (11am) was to shoot a close up. These are my green tomatoes that I am trying to ripen in the conservatory - they're not doing much out in the garden.

Next up (12pm) was a sketch and you know how much I love sketches!!

I decided not to journal on this because my writing's a bit scruffy - I don't usually mind it on LOs but I didn't want to spoil the special picture on this one, so I think I might mount it on a canvas and hang it in my work room. This is my very lovely and very adored daddy xxx.
Photography challenge from 3pm was to take a picture through a window. So here's my very wet garden you can just see the yellow bamboo.
Looking forward to some more challenges.
A couple of questions from my last post - they're all Scarlet Lime LOs Claire, I'm trying to use up all my kits before the next two arrive! And Laura, the fabric is from my needle and thread and I bought Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane and Moda's Hunky Dory.

Enjoying the holidays ...

.... a little bit!!! I do struggle it has to be said as I work 3 hours each day and the girls get left to fend for themselves. This normally results in lots of shouting and arguing and me then getting cross. I always want the holidays to be full of picnics in the park (LOL at the weather), baking, reading and playing games, but this isn't my reality unfortunately. Anyway we make the most of the happy bits of the day we do have together and are looking forward to camping at the end of August (LOL at the weather again!)

I managed to get a bit of time this week to make a couple of LOS. The first is from a Stuck? Sketches Birthday Hop.
I omitted the strips from the sketch that go behind the photo as I thought it was already quite busy!! I cut out some circles from behind the photo and used them to layer up some other circles. I have also bought a new butterfly punch from Hobbycraft. I don't tend to buy much from Hobbycraft as it's normally more expensive than buying online but this punch seemed a reasonable price.

This one's from PencilLines.

Shimelle is having a summer crop this weekend and so no doubt I will have a play along - love online crops!!!

In other news I've had new fabric stash delivery from the US, looking forward to cutting into this lovely selection. I'm finding it hard to know what I prefer more these days - new fabric or new paper - I think fabric is inching ahead.

Lastly I want to send a big congratulations to my friend Lisa who has made it onto the Design Team for Cocoa Daisy - I'm so thrilled for her.

Monday, 2 August 2010

A crafty day ...

... I'm off work this week and off to Torquay tomorrow for the rest of the week. So I've had some time today to play! (Not working is good for my creative soul!)

First off headbands to match the girls dresses, they took me about 15 mins each and the girls seem pleased with the results.

Turning over my calender today (yes I know I'm a day behind) I realised it was SIL's birthday tomorrow, so a very quick and simple card that I could get it straight in the post.
Lastly a LO from this month's Stuck? sketch. I haven't played along with their challenges for a while, but always like what they come up with. Made with July Scarlet Lime kit, so now I've managed to make 1 LO from each of the unused kits I had.

Weekend sewing ...

... saw this pattern whilst browing Etsy on Thursday night and instantly knew I wanted to make it. The girls love to draw and craft and we have various drawers and boxes full of pens, paper, books and mags, so I thought this would be a great idea to keep more stuff together. Also very handy for going on holiday/camping as we always take some things with us.

The sides are constucted from 3 layers of fabric and 2 layers of interfacing, so it's pretty sturdy. One of the fiddliest things I've ever made!
The girls are now deciding what to fill it up with.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Two dresses in one day ...

... after finishing DD2's dress yesterday I got straight on with making DD1's (well I didn't want any trantrums!) Despite my sewing machine deciding to throw a wobbly with its tension (I lost count of how may times I unpicked the bias binding straps) I got it finished before bedtime.

And here are the dresses with their proud owners (DD2 would't be photographed with DD1!)

They're a bit shorter than I would have liked and a snuggish fit so not sure if they'll still fit next year. Nevertheless I'm pleased with my efforts.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

And another ...

... have managed to keep the momentum going with this Studio Calico Sunday Sketch and using SL July Frugal kit.

Have also got round to making the girl's summer dresses - bought the fabric about 3 months ago! This is DD2's and I'm worried it looks a bit small, shan't know till she gets home later as they're both at a dance workshop. It's been a while since I cut out the pieces so I just hope that DD1's are bigger!
The dress is almost identical to ones I bought from Boden a few years ago. The fabric is Darla Rose by Tanya Whelan which I believe can now be bought in Hobbycraft!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I scrapped...

... and it felt good!

I have been feeling really guilty that my Scarlet Lime kits have been piling up (especially since I started subscribing to their Frugal kit aswell) and so today (whilst recovering from a tummy bug) I sat down armed with a pile of sketches and started to scrap!

They might not be my best work or win any prizes, but it was the process of scrapping that was really important to me. I decided to make one LO from each kit (I've got 6 untouched).

April Kit and Twisted Sketches sketch

June Frugal kit and Twisted Sketches sketch
June kit
May kit and PageMaps sketch

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Random act of kindness ...

... before I post about my marvellous trip to Barcelona, I want to share this lovely story with you.

On Saturday night we ended up in a cocktail bar that we had read about in the guidebooks - Dry Martini. After a gin and tonic (him) and a mojito (me) we sat at the bar and ordered a couple of Dry Martinis (well it would be rude not to seeing as though that was what they were famous for). We then got chatting to an American couple sat next to us. They were on a small tour of Europe as he was a Professor of Architure and she was a Food and Drink writer (we didn't talk long enough to exchange names!!). Anyway we had a lovely conversation and evitably my birthday celebration came up and we talked about the girls. They were following a similar story to mine and DH's - been together 10 years, finally got married and now celebrating their 1st anniversary were thinking about starting a family.

DH and I ordered a couple more mojitos whilst the Americans were settling their bill and a few minutes later the bar tender announced that they had settled our bar bill also (probably about £25). How amazing and generous - they simply wanted to wish me a happy birthday! They said their goodbyes and went on their way.

I so intend to pay this forward, it is not often that you come across such selfless acts of kindness in this day and age and it left me with such a warm, fuzzy feeling!

For the record though I don't like Dry Martinis and will be sticking to the mojitos!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

One last day of being in my thirties ...

... I had such a lovely garden party on Saturday, very chilled out with great company. I'm now waiting for my family to arrive for the next stage of the celebrations!!

Typical that after all that lovely sunshine it's decided to rain this week - grrrr!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Let the celebrations begin ...

... so on weds 14th July I will turn 40. I'm not at all bothered by that fact, I love birthdays and so it's an excuse to get extra spolit!Tomorrow I'm having a party at home with friends and after seeing this bunting on the lovely Lizzie's blog the garden is going to look fab (thank you Mr Weather for a good forecast).

On my actual birthday my dad, stepmum and sister are coming to visit and I'm looking forward to a delicious lunch out with great company. The girls have got the day off school, so I shall have my.wonderful family around me.

Then on Friday SH and I are off to Barcelona for the weekend sans children - yipee!

I am a very lucky girl!

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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

has it really been two months ....?

... it feels like a lifetime ago since I last posted. I have been on a rollercoaster ride and life has been quite stressful. I'm slowly returning to normality and hoping to start scrapping again (I have a mountain of kits piling up!)

I signed up to do Shimelle's Love your photos, love your pages new class and I'm hoping that will help my mojo! Prompt 1 was to take a photo of something you love, which at the moment is these sunflowers in my garden. Taken on my Android phone with the vignette app.

Next week is a big week for me - a milestone birthday, so I will try and post about the festivities!

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

I may be some time ...

... my brother has just arrived home from Australia, and is currently camped out in my craft room!!! So whilst I help him settle back into the UK I'm short on time and inclination to scrap and craft. Hopefully I'll be back soon.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Scraplift contest ...

... each month Cocoa Daisy have a scraplift contest and whilst I was over there playing along with the online crop I spotted April's challenge. So here's my take on the sketch.

Hope you all have a good Bank Holiday weekend, even if it is going to be wet!!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Last one ...

... think I'll call it a day with the Cocoa Daisy challenges now. Really pleased with what I've achieved - 8 LOs in 3 days.
The final challenge was to make handmade flowers. So I put the skills I learnt on Create 10 into good use here!

My new Scarlet Lime kit has finally turned up, delayed due to volcanic ash. About time too - desperately need some new stash to play with - yipee!

Monday, 26 April 2010

BFF ...

.. I've not felt well today (sore throat and headache) and DD2 has been off school as well. Work were really kind to let me finish after 2 hours (I work from home) so I had a bit of scrappy time. The challenges on Cocoa Daisy don't close til 2nd May, so here's another one - challenge to scrap your best friend and be creative with your journalling.
I went for some hidden journalling in a Q&A style.

Have just realised I've typed a ? at the end of a good book, will have to get the Tippex out. Note my butterfly obsession is still going strong!

Due to my fabulous productivity I am now in desperate need of albums and page protectors.

One hour challenge ...

... had so so much fun with this one. The challenge was to come up with your own sketch and then post it onto the Cocoa Daisy forum within 20 mins. You then had an hour to make a LO from either on your own sketch or someone else's. Here's my sketch (a bit messy) - I based it on one of my favourite LOs.
And here's the LO!
I had some lovely new fabric delivered today. I made the girls summer dresses last year which they loved, so am planning on making some again for them. I love new fabric - the feel and the smell is so nice!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday challenges ...

... the first LO was for a challenge called Dear You, which firstly was to use one of the posted staionery images as inspiration (I continued with my butterfly obbession here) and to write your journalling as a letter too someone.

This next challenge was called Everything's Gone Green - the topic of the layout had to be green and growing things and the title hand-made and in some way reflect the theme of the layout.

I had only planted these seeds about half an hour before the challenge was posted, so perfect timing! I scraplifted a LO by Doris Sander.