Saturday, 14 August 2010

Circles and a sketch ...

... managed a couple of LOs today, but was distracted from doing more as I did some sewing (I have a big project in mind, more on that soon.)

Firstly the 4pm challenge from yesterday to use circles. I've used this design a couple of times before and thought it would suit circles, so I've used it again (think it was a Sketchy Thursday sketch).
The next was today's sketch.
The photo challenge last night was to take a photo of night light. So I've taken a picture of some candles reflected in the window.

I did also take a photo for the Nature challenge today, which was of a robin that often visits our garden. I took the picture with my long zoom but when I cropped the picture down it showed the garden was in focus but not the robin!! Hopefully he'll return tomorrow.


lisa said...

Lovely Fay : )
I can't wait to hear more about that sewing project x

jennifer said...

Beautiful, love the flowers on the 'unique' layout! It's cool how you got the candles reflected in the window too! xx

Emma said...

Loving your Los over the last week Fay, looking forward to seeing your sewing project!