Tuesday, 30 September 2008

All done ..

Yeah - I've finished Learn Something New very Day and on time - that's a first when it comes to one of Shimelle's projects! I am so pleased and proud of myself and the lessons I've learnt. I've really enjoyed this album and working in 6x6 - and I've got lots of great sketches to use another time. So here's Days 27-30:

Closing page
Completed album
I've started work on something else, which I'll share when I've done a bit more.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Friday, 26 September 2008

Here's one of mine ..

Did another LO using the Scarlet Lime mini kit addon. I really like this kit, it's great for the photos I've got to scrap at the moment and such great value -I've done 3 LOs and there's enough stash for a couple more I reckon, all for about £8. The title is "One More Year" and the journalling reads "Your 1st day back at Nursery reminds me that it won't be long before you start school." And here's Days 22 & 23 for LSNED. Have a couple more to do tonight hopefully to get back up to date

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Had great fun playing my my new Scarlet Lime kit today. I really wanted to get stuck in to it as soon as possible and I was so taken with Christy Tomlinson's (owner) LOs on the Scarlet Lime gallery that I decided to scrap lift a few (in their entirety)!

The first 2 are to celebrate DD2's birthday last weekend.

And this one is of DD1 going back to school.
It's felt like all I've been doing for the last couple of month's are projects - Learn Something New, My Freedom, A-Z Journals and my sister's album, so it was just great to do some every day scrapping.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Back up to date with Days 20 & 21

"Today I learnt that hearing the girls sing is good for my soul."

"Today I learnt that, on Mia's 4th Birthday, they really do grow up quickly and time is precious."

A bit behind ...

It was DD2's birthday yesterday, so much of my spare time last week was spent on party planning. Along with losing my flow a bit, I've had come catching up to do on Learn Something New. Here's Days 15-19:

So that just leaves Sat & Sun then I'm back up to date.

In other news I got my Scarlet Lime kit last week and its full of lovely exclusive papers - can't wait to start cutting up.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Just a quick update with my latest LSNED pages.
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14
This is the title page (I wish I had nice handwriting like Shimelle's!)
Still up to date!

Friday, 12 September 2008

And there's more...

Day 10 & 11

Some more A-Z entries. This one I've done twice for each of the girls.
This one I've stitched on (through the paper circles), which is the first time I've ever done that - think I'll be doing more in future.
This is using the same skecth as for Learn Something New Day 11.
And finally, I've done the title page for my sister's album.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Still being productive ..

Day 7, 8 & 9 (Megan now has clothes!)
Doing Learn Something New Every Day has really inspired me to get up to date with other projects I've fallen behind in. So I've done a couple of LOs fo My Freedom - Creativity and Aspiration. I'm following Shimelle's designs, they're not my usual style, but I do like how the album is coming together. I think I've got 2 more DLOs to do and opening/closing pages.

Had a couple of lovely packages in the post.
The first one is my QTea kit - this is a monthly embellishment kit that I've bought as a one off. This one is called Once Upon A Time, and I think it will be lovely for the girls LOs.
This one is from The LilyPad Lounge and is a selection of vintage paper, school and kids ephemera. Should keep me busy!

Monday, 8 September 2008

A creative weekend ..

We had to cancel a camping trip this weekend with friends due to the appalling weather, so despite not feeling very well on Saturday, I had a productive crafty weekend!

Firstly, I'm still up to date with Learn Something New, here's Day 5 & 6.

Then yesterday DD1 decided she wanted me to make her a ragdoll. So after a quick trip to Hobbycraft for supplies, here's Megan (as DD has called her). I followed a pattern from "Toys To Sew" by Clare Garland. I do think she's a bit of an odd looking doll, but DD is delighted. Need to make some clothes now. Since discovering scrapbooking I've abandoned other crafts and had forgotten how much I enjoy sewing.
So in my creative flurry I decided to make an effort to do some more A-Z entries, and with the help of Shimelle's sketches from the Learn Something New class, I managed these 3 last night for DD2. That brings both girl's albums up to M, so need to think of some N words (we should be on Q by now!!)

So I'm feeling quite pleased with myself!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Day 5 ...

and I'm keeping up to date with my journalling and LOs. I'm determined to finish this Shimelle class on time! I couldn't decide what format to do my dates in, some of the other girls have been using the little tags that came with the kit, so today I decided to do the same. Just need to go and add them to my 1st 3 LOs now.

Day 3Day 4 - I had a great time with this LO. I was surfing the internet for 'calm' pictures and came across this one in an Etsy store - it's of a print for sale. Think I need one for my kitchen, would go lovely with my cupcake cup!

It's a take on this WW poster.