Monday, 8 September 2008

A creative weekend ..

We had to cancel a camping trip this weekend with friends due to the appalling weather, so despite not feeling very well on Saturday, I had a productive crafty weekend!

Firstly, I'm still up to date with Learn Something New, here's Day 5 & 6.

Then yesterday DD1 decided she wanted me to make her a ragdoll. So after a quick trip to Hobbycraft for supplies, here's Megan (as DD has called her). I followed a pattern from "Toys To Sew" by Clare Garland. I do think she's a bit of an odd looking doll, but DD is delighted. Need to make some clothes now. Since discovering scrapbooking I've abandoned other crafts and had forgotten how much I enjoy sewing.
So in my creative flurry I decided to make an effort to do some more A-Z entries, and with the help of Shimelle's sketches from the Learn Something New class, I managed these 3 last night for DD2. That brings both girl's albums up to M, so need to think of some N words (we should be on Q by now!!)

So I'm feeling quite pleased with myself!

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LadyBug said...

WOW!!!!! you've been so busy!!! I love little Megan she's really sweet can't wait to see what clothes you make for her. and so many LO's what a productive few day's you've had.