Sunday, 3 February 2008

A LO and some journaling

So here's my LO from the journaling on did on 1st feb. It forms part of my Album in a Day class, so the papers and format are all similiar.

Here's my journaling from day 2 - 'You always say...But I really think you....'

This is about Mia:
You always say "last time." But really I think you mean "I'll change my clothes 4 or 5 more times today until I find something I'm happy with."

For the last 6 months you have become very particular about your clothes. Coming out of the summer you carried on wearing your strappy vests. Even when it started getting colder you still wore them albeit with a cardigan. You certainly won't wear a long or short sleeved top - it has to be a vest. So throughout the day you keep changing your clothes - you come to me and say "Last time", but we both know it won't be the last time!


HosieMosie said...

Hey well done on getting a layout done of the 1st prompt so fast! Great and I love your handwriting :o)

mmwwaahh211 said...

love this lastest addition to your 'fill my little world' album! I really need to add some LOs to mine too!

I am loving the journalling class too, some fab inspiration there!