Thursday, 8 January 2009

Broken already ...

... for the second time aswell. My craft resolution that is. I've found another challenge to play along with, and it made me want to start creating straight away, so that's a good thing right? It's called 52Q and is being host by Emily Falconbridge. She's going to post a question each week to be answered through a mini art journal. Mine's 4 by just over 2" - question one side, answer on the other. So that's completely doable each week. Week 1 is what are your wishes for 2009.

I've made a cover for the journal and will just use the book ring to bind them together.

Am looking forward to the next question!


lisa said...

You always seem to find such good projects!! This is gorgeous.
Happy New Year my dear.
Hope you are well and enjoyed the holidays.
lis xx

Clairewill said...

That's a really cool project, and yours is looking really great!

Steph said...

Looks great - off to have a look

Karen said...

These are all gorgeous :-)

I especially love the colours chosen for your 52Q Cover.