Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A card a day ...

... I've always thought I should make more of an effort with card making. Not because I go out and buy shop cards (as an ex-Phoenix Card Trader I have a pile of cards I'm working though) but because I have plenty of stash to play with!
I'm not a natural card make though and always love reading Kool Kitty's Musings as Nat makes card making look so effortless with fantastic results!
A little while ago she posted that she had bought this book and so on her recommendation I've got myself a copy and will start playing along with the challenges posted on UKS. So this is today's card -"Be Yourself Flower" - Inspiration: Kraft card blank, stamped greeting, die-cut/punched flower, felt/fabric. I've lifted the card design from the book.

I can't promise that I will make a card a day, but I do hope to improve my card making output!!


jo said...

That book looks fab - haven't seen the thread over on UKS - might have to go and investigate.

Emma said...

Oh its gorgeous Fay, really elegant!

Lizzie said...

A really pretty card. Understated elegance... someone will be very happy to receive this.
I used to make all my cards; then I had an injury that stopped me doing this for a year. This Christmas I managed to make about half our cards, but I'm only just starting up again really. I just made a birthday card for MIL. Very pleased with it (why didn't I remember to photograph it? Duh!).

Good luck with the card-making ideas!