Friday, 25 March 2011

Sad dog ....

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... Modbury was castrated last week and we've had a few hiccups. The collar they put on him wasn't big enough to stop him licking a rash he had near the wound, so it got infected and he ended up on antibotics and a bigger collar.

Two days later I found him licking again. So time for the next size collar up which is huge!!! I have to help him eat and drink and I think he's thoroughly depressed! He can't get in his crate to sleep at night and is very restless, so I've taken to sleeping with him on the futon downstairs.

Roll on Monday when the stitches come out!

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Emma said...

Oh bless his heart, dogs have a way of looking really really fed up don't they?

Love your scrapbook page too, I have so many unopened packets of embellishments its untrue, I much prefer to make my own with paper.