Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Blog your heart ...

Stephanie has put out a challenge today which I have decided to take up. When I first started blogging I kept my personal life very much out of it and focused on my craft. More and more I have been using it to capture day to day life. I don't think I could ever put myself completely out there I think a bit of personality is a good thing. So this is what's on my mind at the moment:

- I am worried about my Nanna, she's been in hospital for a few weeks now and plans were being made for her to come home but she has taken a turn for the worse. Arrangements are being made for her to move into a Hospice.

- We have been watching old video tapes of the girls as babies and toddlers - I miss those little ones. Am I broody? I really don't think so but I yearn to recapture some of those moments again.

- Losing weight is becoming such a bore. I've got another 7 or so pounds to go before I feel I can relax with it. But then how do I then maintain it without having to go back on Weightwatchers every so often?

- I don't feel capable of supporting the girls to achieve their potential at school, both say they find it hard, but we don't get much info from school in terms of what they are learning. I think I should be a pushier parent.

- I'm happy not working. The house is slowly coming back to a clean, tidy and organised state. I am much calmer and less stressed which is having a positive effect on the girls.

Not full of positives, but that's life!!!


Peg said...

Thanks for sharing! Came from Steph's blog. Good for you on the weight loss! Never easy but know you can find the right way to maintain. It's totally possible!

Stephanie Howell said...

fay- thank you SO much for joining in. i hope your nanna is better soon. xxo

lisa said...

Morning Sweet Fay,

I think it's so easy to come accross as the perfect person/Mum/family on a blog. It's so easy to hide behind our LO's, happy family pics and sweet stories.
You aren't alone with your worries. I can idenify with some.
I've just come back from a teacher meeting at school this morning funnily enough because I don;t think Louis is achieving to the standard he should be.

I hope your Nan is ok.
I feel for you as I've been in that situation a couple of times now : (

Take care and a big hug for you xxx pleased you are enjoying SAHM life x

jillofallcrafttrades said...

i loved reading your truths!i am sorry to hear about your nan,even if you felt your post to be not so positive,sometimes thats what we need,to vent,even if its not chipper all the time.I am in the same boat as you,i am constatly fluctuating in weight and the loss of weight can be soo very boring,i hope you can find some happiness in your last few pounds,7 pounds to go is so close :)