Monday, 10 October 2011

10 Things: Christmas ...

.... yes I used the 'C' word, but I have to admit that Christmas is firmly in my sights now so here are my goals relating to the wonderful time of year!

1. Go see The Nutcracker performed by The Birmingham Royal Ballet Company (tickets booked!)

2. Visit the German Christmas market in Birmingham

3. Make each nearest and dearest at least one handmade present each

4. Make an Activity Advent Calender - did this a couple of years ago and the girls loved it, had daily activites like 'Paint each other's toenails', 'Take a drive to see the neighbourhood lights' etc

5. Buy a real tree this year (or at least put the artifical one up, last year we didn't have a tree due to a new puppy.)

6. Go to a Christingle service

7. Listen to live Christmas Concert

8. Plan a get together with friends (in the planning stage)

9. Go ice skating at Somerset House, London

10. Each family member to perfom one Random Act of Kindness at some point in December


Beverly said...

LOL I was so excited, my uncle lives in Birmingham and I could use that as an excuse to my husband for us to go to the German fair (I am so jealous of people that get to go to all those cool European craft fairs). But I got towards the end and you are going skating in London??!!? lol I thought you meant Birmingham, Alabama in the US not England! I adore Halloween and Thanksgiving so don't think much about Christmas until Dec 1.

Sheena said...

Love your 10 things Fay.
Visiting Birminghams Christmas market as a family is part of our Christmas traditions, we love it x