Friday, 10 February 2012

10 things: iTunes ...

... it's taken me all day to think of what to post and have decided to share (according to iTunes) my most played songs. I've chosen one per band (Keane, James Morrison and Jamiroquai feature quite often!)

1. Leaving So Soon - Keane

2. Ruby - Kaiser Chiefs

3. Nature's Law - Embrace

4. Patience - Take That

5. Broken Strings - James Morrison

6. Grounds for Divorce - Elbow

7. Sophia - Nerina Pallot

8. Paradise - Coldplay

9. Corner of the Earth - Jamiroquai

10. Moving - Supergrass

And here's a link to them all on YouTube

You can see other 10Things lists from around the world on Shimelle's blog.


Sheena said...

Love your 10 things choice Fay x
Thats my favourite ever Take That song.

Fiona@staring at the sea said...

Good idea for a list. I'm a fan of Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs and Elbow :o)