Saturday, 10 November 2012

10 things: Beauty favs ....

... I'll start this post by saying I'm quite lazy when it comes to 'my beauty regime'. I know I'm at an age when I should be thinking about anti-ageing products but I only just about manage to cleanse and moisturise once a day! Thankfully I'm blessed with skin that's holding up pretty well.

So to clean my face I use Philosophy's Purity. It's a one-step cleanser so will take my eye make up off as well. I can't bear the feeling of soap and water on my face so this works really well. For years I suffered with soreness and dry skin around my eyes which I now know was the Clinique eye make up remover so I do actually have to be very careful with what I use.

This Neutrogena moisturiser is great, gives me the right amount of moisture without being too thick. Need to replenish both bottle.
Palmer's Cocoa Butter, again great for dry skin, I do have stretch marks from being pregnant but again am too lazy to apply it often enough to make any difference!

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - I can't explain how this works but applied before make up and it really seems to light up my face, this is probably my most favourite product.
Make up - I have really short eye lashes so curlers are a must and this Benefit mascara is brilliant. I don't wear lipstick very often but eye make up daily. Benefit's High Beam is lovely for a night out - makes you sparkley and glowing! I love Benefit make up and do have quite a few of their sets.
Left to it's own devices my fine hair has a very random curl. I've yet to find a hair cut that makes the most of it, so long straightened hair suits me. GHD's are great, I had these for a birthday, I don't think I would go to the expense of them myself.

Even when it's straightened, if there's any dampness in the air my hair frizzes. Frizz-ease helps a bit.

We are using lots of Vaseline on our house at the moment, all suffering from sore lips. I have various tins in bags and pockets!
So there you go, my Top Ten must haves.


Emma said...

Love the colour of your GHDs, my hair behaves just like yours, I have it messy all week and all glam at weekends! We also have numerous tins if Vaseline, never one around when I want it though!!

Abi said...

I like this list. Vaseline is a must in cold durham! I like the colour of your GHD's too!

K said...

I wouldnt have bought GHDs before I actually had a pair because of the cost, but now I wouldnt buy any others, they are fab, even with really curly hair like mine.

I recommend Toni & Guys shine serum rather than frizz ease, It works a lot better on my hair & leaves a beautiful shine for days.

humel said...

This is really interesting :) I'm extremely low maintenance, but I have very dry and sensitive skin, so while I don't wear make up, I do need good, gentle moisturiser and lip balm!

Louise said...

Clinique is no good for me either. Makes my face really sore! interesting post x