Thursday, 10 January 2013

10 things: 2013 to-dos ....

... so although I don't make resolutions you can't help but think of a new year as a new page and the things you want to achieve. So here, in no particular order, are my thoughts:

1. Get back to my target weight, so that means 10 pounds to lose.
2. Be more active. I'm not sure that this looks like yet and I need to give it more thought.
3. Create more and with that in mind I have rejoined a group over on UKS.
4. Finish my blanket started back in November 2011.
5. Aleida's Challenge - I'm quite good at taking pictures of myself with the girls, but more is always good!
6. Write more letters, inspired by Emilie's post here.
7. Decide on Lily's secondary school - am sticking my head in the sand over this at the moment, but come the Summer I will start to face this reality.
8. Give the house some attention, it really is looking tired and needs freshening up.
9. Fiance audit and overhaul.
10. Keep a daily journal.

So enough to keep me busy!


scrappyjacky said...

Good luck with them all.

K said...

I think the end of the old year & beginning of a new one makes a time of reflection for many of us, seeing things we'd like change & looking forward .

Jennifer Grace said...

I like your goals. I need to lose a lot of weight too... I'll start tomorrow! x

Sandie said...

I share some of your goals, Fay.
One of them is sending unexpected post. I have some beautiful mail art stamps and stash all ready to use, and great intentions. Last year it didn't happen but I already have a few people in mind and have signed up for a postcard swap too. Enjoy posting and receiving :)
And achieving other goals too!