Thursday, 6 December 2007

Day 6 - Memories Good and Not so Good

Today I was asked to think about my Xmas memories, the ones that were good and the ones that were not so good. As my Xmas's have been pretty good in the main, my journaling is as follows:

Naughty - "My memory is of Mum retelling this story as I don't actually remember it myself. It is of one Xmas Eve when Lee & I (I guess we were approx 7 & 5) got up in the middle of the night and opened all of our Xmas presents. Mum spent the rest of the night re-wrapping our presents so that we had somethig to open in the morning."

Nice - "The memory that stands out is when I was heavily pregnant with Lily. My last Xmas before becoming a mum. My expectation of what lay ahead was so strong. I couldn't get involved in too many festivities, but I was well looked after. Sadly, it was also the last Xmas with Mum - ironic."

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Trish said...

Lovely page, lovely journalling!
Trisg x