Friday, 7 December 2007

Day 7 - A To-Do List

Time to get organised - today's prompt was to focus on my Xmas Shopping and document what I've got left to do. I've also done some journaling on the tag to reflect my views on giving and receiving.

"I enjoy giving and receiving gifts. I love finding that perfect gift for someone, but do get despondant when I don't - I'm not good at buying just anything. Dad is my perennial problem - he has everything, but the simple things, like a bottle of wine, just don't seem enough.

I do generally like the presents that I'm given, but that's mostly because it's what I've asked for.

I'm enjoying buying for Lily & Mia more and more as they're able to tell me what they want!"

The colours haven't come out well on the photo - might try to do another one in the moring.

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