Saturday, 29 March 2008

F is for Friends & Fridges

I'm a bit behind on a few creative challenges so I spent some time catching up yesterday. Firstly the F pages for the girls' A-Z journals on Friends. I did the E pages at the beginning of the month, but found them a bit uninspiring so decided not to upload them, they're on their eating habits.
The stamp on the tag is from my new Scarlet Lime kits- and oh my there is loads and loads in it I feel slightly overwhelmed by it.

The second challenge I caught up on was Overlooked which was on my Fridge and shopping habits. I've done 3 LOs for this now and I'm going to start constructing it into a minibook soon.

My two new classes started this week - firstly 'No Place Like Home' (which I plan to use all my Scarlet Lime kit on). There have been 5 daily prompts this week, but as the girls are on their Easter holidays at the moment, I'm saving them to work on when they go back to school. The theme this week has been Hometowns or places where you feel at home and includes a couple of LOs and 2 minibooks.

The second class is Painting with Light, which doesn't actually start until 4th April but we've had homework to upload to the forum so that CJ can get a feel for our work. This included a self-portrait and for a laugh I'll post it here. It was my first time using the self timer and a tripod and so the result is slightly out of focus.


Gemma said...

Love your SP for the PWL course (I'm on it too) even out of focus you look x10 better than mine. Your fridge LO is very clever.

Cass said...

Really pretty LO's.
Cass xx

Shirley said...

Great 'F' pages Fay.
Love the way you have your photo at the end too:)

Tracey said...

Fantastic LO's

Fiona said...

Your SP is great. I'm also doing PWL.