Monday, 7 September 2009

LSNED Days 1 - 3

... home from holiday. Had such a wonderful time in Mallorca - I am definitely a person who needs blue skies. I love the UK and can't imagine living anywhere else, but I do wish we had summers like we used to. DD1 is back to school tomorrow, so it feels like we've gone straight into Autumn. For now I have a lovely tan to keep me feeling good!

So whilst we were away Learn Something New Every Day started. I kept my notebook handy and was of course taking lots of photos, so today I started playing catch up. I decided to use a Scarlet Lime date stamp and in 'Shimelle style' also do some stitching - so I'm planning to do that on each page.

I've also done Day 4, but it's too dark to take a picture - so I've just got 3 more pages to catch up and tomorrow's entry.


lisa said...

Welcome home Fay. Good to have you back.
Cute photos. Love the washing LO. x

Emma said...

blimey! you did well to catch up so quickly, love your pages, great ideas!