Sunday, 31 January 2010

A crafty weekend ...

... so new stash needs new storage right?? My growing crochet supplies were getting really messy in a plastic carrier, so I decided to make myself some storage. I had this lovely Cath Kidston fabric in my neglected pile of fabric and found a pattern for a project bag on All People Quilt. I'd seen something similiar on with a flat square bottom which would have been better, but this does the job just fine.
I also wanted to make a case for my hooks and in amongst my fabric I had a tote that I had started quite a few years ago, but never finished. So with a bit of reconstruction and some help from these instructions, I came up with a matching crochet hook roll.

I really enjoy sewing and must remind myself to do it more often, it was my number 1 pastime before discovering scrapbooking.

Onto a hat for DD2. She choose some brown wool, so last night I set out on making a Brownie Hat. When she tried it on this morning she declared it too itchy and not like the picture of the one she had seen in the Next Directory!!!

So I've claimed it for myself and added the flower this morning (DD2 hadn't wanted a flower on hers). That's my Sunday Morning look (weekend exhaustion)!!!

I had a parcel from Scarlet Lime, finally!!! Got my replaced December and the new January kit, so I might do some scrapping this week!!!

Lastly, I've had a lovely award from Lizzie - shall pick that up this week, thanks Lizzie!


Lizzie said...

You're so welcome Fay!

Love the brown hat.. children can be soooo ungrateful - I'm glad you're keeping it for yourself. Tell her to make her own lol!

You should make some of those bags and crochet hook cases to sell - they are great!

melissa said...

that hat is adorable :)

lisa said...

Cute look Fay : )
I adore your new storage solutions.
I wish I were so clever x

Claire Williams said...

Wow, that bag is amazing! You really could sell those. And cute hat too, your daughter's loss is your gain :)

♥ Audrey ♥ said...

Oh mine, your talent is unlimitless! Those storage bags are lovely! Seriously, you can easily open an Etsy store selling stuff like that! Lovely hat too!

Sara said...

beautiful! i love that bag :)


LadyBug said...

lovely bag! I adore the long handle look :)

Laura said...

Cute! love it! L x

Sally said...

hey Fay,

Loving your work, that hat hat GORGEOUS!!!!
I have had an email from a friend asking about cross stitch, she is looking for a beautful one for her baby's nursery, i have no idea what is good and what is not, so i was hoping you could help.

Thanks so much

sal xxx