Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Explore: Adventure ...

... do you consider yourself and adventurous person? What does the word adventure mean to you?

These are the questions asked today. We'd already been warned to find a postcard prior to the prompt coming through. I had some leftover from when I had a half hearted attempt at Postcrossing, but decided these weren't personal enough so I grabbed a Cath Kidston card from a birthday present set instead.

The prompt asked us to write on that postcard whatever moment felt the most adventurous. Immediately I thought about my travels to the Far East BC (before children). But when I thought about it some more I think adventurous and adventure actually mean different things to me.

Adventurous is about travelling to somewhere new, trying out different things, experiencing unfamiliar environments. However adventure to me means more about my life as a mum, wife, friend - life being the adventure itself. The first is a short journey, the second a long one.

Anyhow, I stuck with the Far East memories for my postcard and if you click on it you should be able to read the journalling (although a tad messy). I shall post it later when I have a stamp!

This is the first page of my photo album highlighting the journey we took.
This is the last page - that photo of the train carriage is where we slept - cockroaches and all!!!!


Rach H said...

This is awesome! Love all of the details!

JO SOWERBY said...

ah yes travel and cockroaches we had one our new york hotel room. love the postcard, mine is of barcelona,
jo xxx

Mandy McK or Moogieof4 said...

Your story is similar to mine... I went backpacking in Europe BC. 21 years ago now and made a similar album to what you showed... am off to write my postcard.
Mandy Mck

Mary B said...

Lovely adventure like how you made your post card