Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year ...

... well it looks like I took an unplanned blog break as seems to happen from time to time.

I had a good Xmas and New Year, the girls were uber excited as expected. It seems like an age ago now. Here's a few presents that I managed to make for Christmas, mainly teacher's presents. I had planned to make much more but I've been doing some supply work for easyfundraising which took any spare time I had (although some much welcome money was earnt!)

Mug cosies
Notepad cover, bookmarks and key ring.
Earwarmers (modelled by their gorgeous receipients!)

I'm hoping to get back to crafting soon, the house still needs some order to be restored to it first.

I've not made any crafting resolutions, the only plans I have is a photography challenge with my sister. After getting a new camera for Xmas she mentioned that she wanted to take more photos, so we've set up a weekly challenge - I'll set it one week and then she'll do the next one. Will be interesting to compare a teenager's photos to a 40-somethings!

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Claire said...

Happy new year Fay :) Your mug cosies are so cute!