Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Advent Activity Calender ...

... so inspired by Stacy Julian's advent project I set out to find something I could do quickly. I remember seeing a digitial download some time ago that could be printed straight out, but couldn't find it anywhere. So I came to the conclusion I was going to have to make my own!

Ta da! I pulled out an old QVC kit, made up some envelopes and stuck on some embellishments and numbers (mental note to check you have enough 1's and 2's before starting out). Really pleased with my result. The snowflakes are card pegs from Tesco's and I will hang the envelopes up across our fireplace come Dec 1st (shall post a picture when they're in situ). The next task is to type the daily activities up on little cards to put in the envelopes. These are what I've come up with (mainly gleened from the internet):

- Make a lantern and go for a neighbourhood walk
- Paint everyone's toenails
- Have an indoor picnic
- Dress up 'fancy' for dinner
- Make a tree decoration
- Make paper snowflakes
- Make cookies and wrap up some for the neighbours
- Make a popcorn garland
- Take a drive to see the neighbourhood lights
- Sing and dance to Xmas songs
- Have a cooked breakfast and listen to a Xmas CD
- Use puppets to tell a bedtime story
- Write letters to Santa
- Decorate Xmas cards
- Game night
- Read Xmas story books
- Make a gingerbread house
- Give everyone a silly hair-do
- Make angel decorations
- Take photos of each other
- Have a family awards night
- Make and wear fancy hats for dinner
- Make gift tags
- Open a present (Mummy and Daddy to decide) on Xmas Eve
- Visit Santa (school fair)
- Eat tea by candlelight
- Watch a Xmas movie with sweets and popcorn
- Make or write a book about Xmas

There's more than 24 ideas here, but I'm not going to decide until the night before which activity we're going to do so I can changes things around where needed.

I thought if I typed the activities onto cards, I could then add the cards into my Xmas Journal (when I know what I'm doing with that!!)


Steph said...

Thats fab!!! Such a cool idea and it looks amazing

Emma said...

cool idea! love your little envelopes and the prompts are sweet too!

Paige said...

This is great! and theres some lovley Idea's there for family activities :)

Sally said...

I LOVE IT, these are so so so fab, they look so cool and the activities are great!!! i might steal this idea and use in a few years when Bella is much older!!! Clever Fay indeed!!! xxxxxxxx

sharyncarlson said...

Oh my gosh I love this! Looks fabulous!

Jocelyn said...

That is a fantastic idea!

lisa said...

You are so sweet. These are fab Fay. What a fantastic idea xx

Claire said...

These are so cool, great idea! x

Emily said...

They look great! What a cool idea :)

♥ Audrey ♥ said...

Brilliant idea. Luv how fast you managed to churn it out.