Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sum Up Sunday ...

... have had a very non-crafty, very busy work/school PTA week, but do have a few things to share from my week.

1. Favourite photo - me and my girls. We had my work's family Xmas Lunch today (yes, a bit early I know), so this is us just before heading out. 2. Favourite Project - this Advent Mini-Book from Stacy Julian. Have been wanting to do a non-chocolate variety of Advent Calender for a while and if I can just find the time, then this might fit the bill!!
3. Favourite Blog post - Cut+Paste - more blogs of inspiration to explore!
4. Favourite purchase - I have treated mysef to an early Xmas present of a Sumsung NC10 Netbook. As I've a desktop in my 'craft' room, this should stop DH complaining that I don't spend anytime with him. Now I can surf and watch TV!!!

5. LOs completed - zero. Have just about recovered from my scrapping hangover from last weekend and am ready to go again (work and PTA permitting!)


Emma said...

Lovely photo of you and your girls. Advent Calendar idea looks cute!

JO SOWERBY said...

what beautiful ladies you are.......DH must feel so lucky everyday. lovely new pressie too.....lots of room to store lovely things and surf whilst keeping DH company - bliss.
Jo xxx

lisa said...

I love that photo Fay. I love how the girls look so glam : )
That advent calender looks beautiful.
Thank you for the award. I haven't got around to adding it to mine yet. xx

~~Audrey~~ said...

Luv that photo of you and the gals! Beautiful advent calendar.... be looking forward to seeing what you do with it. (I need to get started on my December Xmas journal). Nice laptop! Not convinced to go over to the Mac yet? ;)

LadyBug said...

Beautiful photo of you and the girls! and I think I might make something like the advent tag book for a friends children this weekend :) thank you for that wonderful link.