Tuesday, 1 February 2011

joy of love: day 01 ...

... since getting my bridge camera Xmas 2009 I haven't come off auto much. I had started to get the hang of manual with the DSLR but felt I wanted a smaller camera to tote around. So although I'm generally pleased with the results I get out of the bridge, I do think I can do better.

So I thought the Joy of Love free 28 day workshop by Kelly Willette might encourage me to do better whilst getting more photos to scrap! You can still sign up to get the daily email prompts.

The first prompt is 'what they do'. So I've taken a picture of Lily doing her homework. I'm not entirely happy with the picture. The colours were very orange without the flash and of course with a flash I got shadows. So I took one of the flash photos and converted it to B&W to disguise the shadow a bit. I like the way it shows her concentrating and holding her pencil correctly (one of her goals!!)

I think I'm going to try to take photos of both of the girls each day, so I've got a record for each.

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LadyBug said...

Beautiful photo Fay and I hink the idea of a photo of each of your daughters, each day for this project will be a wonderful record to look back on in years to come.