Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Mollie Makes ...

... if you're a crafter in blogosphere you can't have helped seen the launch of this new mag last month.

Always on the look out for a creative read I stumped up the £4.99 for the 1st issue (and then took out the 3 for £5 offer). I have to say that I don't love it as much as I wanted to and as much as everyone else seems to. Yes, it's far better than most out there and I'm pleased to see that it's not trying to cover every craft under the sun (I really don't need to know about soap making or glass painting) but I would like just a bit more on the 'things to make' side.

What does do it for me though are the very cute freebies and I think these make the mag worth the money.
Modbury enjoyed Issue 1, you might be able to see that it's been a bit chewed!

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Abi said...

Thanks so much for reviewing this. I have seen it banded about the blogsphere for a while but as a poor student I didn't want to fork out for a mag that wasn't that great! Might give it a try though. xxx