Monday, 13 June 2011

Weekend round up ...

... so how did I do on the weekend's activities?

1. Watch Lily at the Brownie Sports Day - She came 1st on the flat race, 2nd in the sack race and 4th in the two other events she did. So proud of her.
2. Watch what I eat (the pounds are starting to pile back on again) - 3 pounds lost in Week 1.
3. Force myself to do some gardening (always a chore) - the rain prevented that!!
4. Get the girls' homework done before Sunday - done by 5.30pm on Friday.
5. Enjoy a long dog walk in the countryside - unfortunately the rain put pay to that also.
6. Watch The King's Speech - Colin Firth was absolutely brilliant and I can't help but love Helena B-C.
7. Blog some more - tick.
8. Send lots of loving thoughts to my stepmum who's having a big op today - she's doing well ad coming home today.
9. Tidy, tidy, tidy (I am NOT a domesticated woman!) - yes, I won't panic now if someone drops round unannounced!
10. Scrap - 2 LOs.

Not bad me thinks! I also managed to watch some more She Art videos and bake cakes with the girls (and I didn't eat any!)


Emma said...

Oh god I hate people popping in unannounced, clean yes, tidy? not always!!!

Claire said...

Always good to have an excuse not to do the gardening! Well done to Lily at sports day. Look forward to seeing your LOs! :)