Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A little update ...

... I'm still here!!! Hope you all had a great Easter. We had a lovely break in Dorset despite car troubles, the weather and tummy bugs!!!!

I have done a few crafty things recently. My handmade swap for Lisa is ready to post, I've made a few cards and at the weekend I made some skirts for the girls that I've been wanting to for ages.

One thing about having tall girls is that their jeans get too short for them before they grow out of the waist. Ta dah! Recycled into skirts! I had great fun with these and they didn't take long at all.

Had a little stash purchase and had this gorgeous bundle of Bakers Twine arrive yesterday from ebay in very cute packaging with a great card that I shall use in a project at some point.

I am hoping to scrap loads in the next few days (that's maybe a little optimistic!) Create 10 starts tomorrow, I signed up for this a little while ago and almost forgot about it. Leo has put together some fantastic supplies list for each project and really I wish I'd spent some time gathering my stash but in reality I shall probably see what each project looks like and take it from there.

Shimelle has also organised a weekend cybercrop for students past and present, so I think I'll drop into the forum and see what's going on.


jo said...

Thanks for the link to Create 10 - have just signed up. Love that twine.

Laura said...

Gorgeous skirts!!! love them! Need to make one for myself! lol!

Claire said...

Hi Fay, those skirts look great. Very trendy!

lisa said...

I love those skirts Fay. I want one too : )

Lizzie said...

That skirt idea is soooo extra-super-duper-mega CLEVER!
They look great too. Must tell my niece about this - she has a little girl. Sadly, I don't think J. would appreciate skirts made from his old trousers...the best I can do is recycle them into beach shorts!