Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Explore: 24 hours ...

... yesterday I captured what activities I did and I think I'll do the same when the girls have gone back to school as a contrast. I used Ali Edwards pdf to capture this.

4:00am - 8:30 Sleep
8:30am Wake and get up. Have difficulty deciding on a healthy breakfast.
9:00am Do a few chores
10:00am Crafting on Explore; girls watching Hairspray
11:00am Straighten Mia's hair; Lily drawing; service the girls bikes
Noon Make and eat lunch; put bikes on car and drive to Offchurch Greenway
1:00pm Girls cycled whilst I walked Modbury

2:00pm Stop at the canal to watch the boats go through the lock whilst having a drink and snack

3:00pm Blog hopping
4:00pm Start prepping tea. Drive to Argos to pick up new kitchen scales and to Blockbuster to choose somes videos

5:00pm Home again; finish cooking tea
6:00pm Eat; clean up dishes

7:00pm Wine o'clock; blogging; ordering photos from Photobox
8:00pm Steve home at 8:30pm
9:00pm Put girls to bed; watch TV
10:00pm Go to bed at 10:30pm; read until 11pm
11:00pm - 4:00am Sleep

Breakfast Porridge and Banana
Lunch Soup and toast
Dinner Veggie Chilli and Rice
Other Apple, nectarine, orange, rocky choc bar, glass of Rose wine

As it's the school holidays and no work there's no structure to the day and I feel at the moment that we're not quite as productive as we could be (although I'm not sure what that should be!!!) We are waking later and the girls are going to bed later. I'm trying to come up with different ways to walk Modbury to interest and include the girls.

The weather is overcast and variable.

The usual sister bickering and fighting - sigh!

Favourite Moment
The drawing that Lily made for me.

The freedom to come and go as we please. Safety and security in our enviroment.

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Anonymous said... what you did here.. :) I also love documenting my day like much fun and you have beautiful girls. :)