Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Kit stripping

... I don't usually strip a kit down until I've used at least 50% of it, probably more like 60-70%. And so all the bits and pieces sit together in a clear bag in drawers on my Expedit shelves. However that has meant that I've been missing out on using stuff on other LOs and so today I took to stripping them all out. And this was the resulting pile! All that's left in the bags is the patterned paper which I'll need to also sort out.

Where am I going to put it all? And how to organise it? I have alphas, stickers and ephemera stored in RUBS, but there's not enough space for this lot!

Wish me luck!


Emma said...

Blimey thats a lot of embelishments! I did that a while back with all my old kits

Jenna Upson said...

looks like heaven Fay! Which kits do you subscribe to btw? x

jennifer said...

Whoa, good luck!!