Friday, 12 August 2011

Explore: The meaning of colour ...

... the next prompt had several elements to it, firstly what colours meant to us personally. This is what I came up with:

Black - dark and moody
Red - brave
Orange - youthful
Yellow - sunshine and energy
Green - eco/helping the planet
Blue - a happy day/ the sea and sky
Purple - me!
White - only to be worn by slim and tanned people!

Then we were asked how we use colour when we're scrapbooking:

Which do you choose first: colour or pattern? Colour
How many colours would you typically use in a single project? 3 - 4
Would those colours appear in solids, single-colour patterns (like subtle red on red dot or multi-coloured patterns? Multi-coloured
Do you prefer soft, deep, muted or bright tones of your chosen colours? Muted tones
What colour do you avoid if at all possible? Orange
Do you prefer colour of black and white photographs? Colour
When you work with colour would you classify yourself as brace, predictable or something else? Predictable

There was then the suggestion that we could label our days with a colour. Yesterday was grey with a hint of yellow for me. My moods are very much affected by the weather and I'm very much missing the turquoise sea of the med.

I decided to scrapbook this as part of the Scrapbook Circle challenge to use circles on a LO.

(I made a couple of typos on the typewriter but I'm OK with that!)

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Tessa Buys said...

Gorgeous! I love love love this color combo, and your circles are perfectly placed :). Thank you for playing along at Scrapbook Circle!

pinksparklyscraps said...

I love this LO :) Great colour combo and I love the circles and the stitching x